Good Reads

    I am seriously slacking when it comes to my reading.

I remember the days when I would read a book a week. Then it dropped down to a book a month. Then a book every few months. Now I have not completely read a book since around July ***smh***

 What are you reading?

Are you a book worm or are magazines the only things you are dedicated to reading?

Got any “Must Read” book suggestions?

Here is my list of books I plan to read…sooner or later!


10 thoughts on “Good Reads”

  1. the da vinci code is entertaining though some might say it’s trash, and titwonky’s recommendation is good too or so i’ve heard (haven’t read it but am looking out for it). monique’s book sounds interesting to read (looks more like a magazine; is it?)!

    if you like chick lit i’d recommend bridget jones’s diary by helen fielding and the shopaholic series by sophie kinsella.

    otherwise, roald dahl books are excellent entertaining reads, both his children and adult books.


  2. I’m a book person but I have so little spare time to do recreational reading that I’ve temporarily converted to magazines

    I still want to read Freakenomics though when I get the chance – maybe over winter break…


  3. I haven’t read the Prisioner’s Wife but I’m putting it on my list. And I haven’t read Monique’s book either but I’m want her cookbook (Skinny Cooks Can’t Be Trusted).
    One suggestion I have, that is a great book if you just want to pick up and read a few pages here and there, is “The Best of Simple” by Langston Hughes. It’s a collection of short stories he first wrote for a weekly column in the Chicago Defender. Check it out if you have the time.


  4. I read a lot of science fiction but I can heartily recommend the devinci code no matter what you believe it is still a good read. Anything by Michael Crichton too I really love his work!


  5. The Davinci code is not THAT good, I wouldn’t ever put it on my “must read before you die” list.. The book of words by J.V. Jones is a must read for fantasy lovers 😛 In my opinion.. 😀


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