Aren’t I A Complainer

 This has definitely been a big year for me when it comes to complaining on bullshit customer service. I have had too many problems with people acting uncivilized while they are doing their jobs, so I have had to complain about funky attitudes all year long.

I used to be the type of person who would receive suck ass customer service and wouldn’t say a word, well at least not to the manager. I would definitely go the hell off on whoever had the attitude. But this year I decided that I would do the “right thing” and complain on their asses.  It seems as if everywhere I go people are giving horrible customer service and don’t seem to care that customers are upset about it.  You see workers talking on cellphones at cash registers, you hear them talking about private issues amongst each other, I have even seen them eating while helping customers. So this year I vowed that I am the customer, spendig my money and I will be treated with respect.

Quick story: Earlier this year I was at a fast food restaurant and as my order was being finished I noticed that the young lady who was getting the french fries ready was eating fries directly from the fry holder. She was picking them out with her ungloved hand and just eating them. Then she picked up her cup from beside the fry bin and took a swig of her soda. I was utterly disgusted. After my order was ready I asked the young lady on the cash register if there was a manager on duty and if so could I speak with her. The manager comes out and she comes around the corner to speak with me and I tell her what I just witnessed. She acted extremely surprised that one of her employees would even consider doing this. Even though I did not buy in to her surrpised act, I felt that it was my duty to inform her of what I had seen. Nothing may be done about it, but hell at least I had informed her. Because had the right person come along, they would have seen this unsanitary act, walked right back out of the door, called the corporate office, gave them the employee’s name, the store number and date and time and filed a REAL complaint.

But I digress, even with me complaining I am still seeing and hearing customer service people act unappropriate at work, laughing loud, popping gum, giving customers snappy responses and plenty of eye rolling. So until I see some improvement I will continue to be a Complainer!


3 thoughts on “Aren’t I A Complainer”

  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!love the blog, very cool. Thanks for speaking up on behalf of all of us passive aggressive types. BTW: yes, I was reading your diary, see that black fly on the wall, that’s me 🙂


  2. Great blog – love your style!
    I complain about poor service too. I always come on very quietly and zen-like and they at least SEEM to listen to what I’m saying. What happens after I walk out the door…I don’t know!


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